Hospital Playlist Episode 9


I really enjoyed this week’s energetic upbeat OST contribution, Songolmae’s “Met you by chance”. The song was fun, and everyone looked like they were really having fun, with smiles on their faces. Rosa clapping and singing along cheerfully added to the joy and Joong-Soo being aloof while tapping along quietly was a nice touch. I’m sharing it here because I loved it so much.

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Mirroring this week’s OST, this week’s episode was definitely more light-hearted and more light-touch. Some potentially heavy topics like divorce, depression and marriage were raised, but not explored further. We have small movements in relationships like Song-Hwa meeting Chi Hong for dinner (or are they really – we’re not sure if they are smiling or waving at each other?), and Jung-wan smiling at Gyu-wool, but no clarity as to where the show is really taking this. I much preferred entries like Episode 8 where we explored two characters in greater depth, whereas Episode 9 felt a little touch and go, with no clear sense as to where our characters were heading.

That’s not to say there weren’t enjoyable moments in the episode. Overall, it was still an enjoyable episode, because there’s such chemistry and camaraderie amongst the cast. I always enjoy scenes of all five of them together chatting, teasing, bantering and just being comfortable with each other. Even conversations between the residents like Min ha and Gyu Wool, and our elderly characters like Rosa and Joong-Soo are fun to watch.

The character who had more screen time this episode was Ik-Joon and he is such a lovable character. He’s such a reliable and encouraging friend to have around, as he fetches Song Hwa back to hospital when she has an emergency, runs out of the car to close her door for her, and then waits for her. The case of the father losing weight and changing his lifestyle so he can donate his liver makes Ik-Joon reflect on him wrongly thinking that he knew everything about the world and its people. He then decides to understand more from Chi-hong about what happened to Ik-Soon and pays her a surprise visit at her army camp, which was a very sweet and touching scene.

I’m largely enjoying the show, but if there’s one complaint I have, it is that many difficult conversations or emotional scenes seem to take place off-screen. It would have been powerful to see how Seok-hyung finally convinced his mum to get the divorce, given how we saw her so vehemently opposing it previously. Similarly, Joon Wan and Ik-Soon’s conversation ended abruptly when he asks if they will have to break off, and she has no answer. Surely, that was not how the conversation ended?

Also, for Ik-Joon, how about his divorce and its impact on him and U-ju? I’m ok that the divorce happened off-screen and given that he was already living as a single dad, it likely did not have much impact on him. But how about U-ju? So far, we’ve only seen sweet and adorable scenes of him, but it wouldn’t harm to show the impact of the divorce on him. Jung-wan hasn’t had much of a sustained storyline as well, except for the one-sided romance, of which we have no idea how he feels at all.

Hospital Playlist still remains my bright spot of the week, and one of the more light-hearted and enjoyable offerings currently. Nonetheless, since the show has already created such lovable characters with such strong bonds, it wouldn’t harm if they allowed us to know and connect with them on a deeper level. I’m looking forward to more opportunities for this as the show enters its final few episodes.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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