The King Eternal Monarch Episode 8


There was so much to enjoy in this episode as we delved deeper into our parallel universes and see our characters explore each other’s world.

The highlight for me was definitely Eun Soeb and Yeongs’ interactions. I was already tickled when I saw Eun Soeb pretending to be Yeong behind the mask as they approached the army stew restaurant, but Yeong pretending to be Eun Soeb after the fight was even more hilarious and had me in stitches, especially when he called Gon a fool. That was just perfect comedy, showing the versatility of Woo Do-Hwan as an actor. While fun, I also remember a scene when Eun Seob spilled coffee in an early episode and the same happened to Yeong in his world. What does this suggestion about the connection that doppelgängers across worlds share? Similarly, if Nari’s theory is true that one world can not accommodate the doppelgängers, then how are Yeong and Eun Soeb able to interact so well then?

I liked how both Tae-eul and Gon were trying to find out whether they existed in each other’s world and whether the alternate universe can offer them some answers or allow them to meet their lost parents. After waiting for so long, we finally meet Luna and while she’s on the other side of the law and has a notorious reputation, we certainly see that similar directness and no-nonsense attitude. I’m very curious about Luna – why does she have no home or ID? Why is she asking for money with the king’s face on it? What will happen when Luna and Tae-eul meet? Gon also finds out that he no longer exists in this world and he died at 8. However, his mum, Song Jung-Hye, is still alive and Tae-Eul offers to bring him along when she goes to find her the next day.

Both parallel universes are starting to intersect as more characters in Corea are starting to suspect something is amiss, starting with the Prime Minister’s mum and then the Prime Minister herself. We are still uncertain of her role in Korea and why Lee Rim (I assume it’s him?) has been sending her newspapers. Back in the world of Korea, we realise meet a man who recognised Gon and learn that he is a minion of Lee Rim. We also learn of a 2G phone, held by all those under Lee Rim’s control in Korea which has recordings of news from the world of Corea. Gon is now in possession of one of them, which now ensures Lee Rim and Gon will cross paths soon.

And of course, the biggest reveal comes with Shin Jae. Earlier, we had already seen that he recognised the symbol of Corea. However, as he goes further back into his memory, we realise that he is from the world of Corea and he was there witnessing Lee Gon cry on television. How he got to Korea remains a mystery but the episode ends with Gon realising that he needs to go back to his home. On a related note, we see Song Jung-Hyen tailing Shin Jae and learn that she has taken her life several times and been revived. Why though? And how is resurrection of the dead possible? I believe this is the first time we’ve heard of resurrecting. Lots of interesting questions that I hope we get good answers to!

While I’m generally enjoying the drama, I’m finding the criminal investigations too long-drawn, given that we already have bigger storylines that need to move. Also, the very overt product placement in this drama is so jarring and annoying. The actors are even mouthing lines that make them sound like advertisers. This I blame on the producer’s lack of subtlety. The romance on this show is mediocre at best thus far, but I did find Tae-Eul’s confession of love to Gon sweet and meaningful and Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun do have onscreen chemistry, even if I’m finding it hard to understand why Tae-eul has suddenly fallen so head over heels for Lee Gon. I’m loving the latest OST in Episode 8 though!

All in all, I like where this show is heading and I can see we are moving steadily towards the universes clashing and the stakes getting higher and higher. I can’t wait!

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