Innocent Defendant Episode 8


InnocentDefendent8.jpgFor most of this episode, I was enjoying the way it delved more deeply into the Min Ho storyline by exposing darker aspects of Seon Ho that Min Ho wasn’t aware of – namely that he had a mistress! Of course, since he wasn’t aware of it, that was a part of Seon Ho that he couldn’t replicate convincingly, so he pleads with  Yeon Hee to help him out. She helps him out by lying about how he had to go through therapy after his brother’s death, which buys Min Ho some time.

However, Seon Ho’s mistress isn’t buying it and she hires a private investigator to verify if Min Ho/Seon Ho is really suffering from amnesia. Even after the report is received, she’s still suspicious and Min Ho is certainly wise enough to know he needs to ensure all bases are covered, so he takes her to the villa that she used to go with Seon Ho, so that he can get a sensing of whether she believes that he’s Seon Ho. When she checks his chest for a scar, and later on serves him white wine, he knows that she’s still suspicious and hence needs to be silenced. Just as he silences her, she actually calls Yeon Hee, who hears what happens. Yeon Hee is traumatised by what she hears and she seems like she can no longer live with a murderer who continues to kill.

The hit-and-run accident is where I feel the storyline started to fall apart. The story would have been perfect and  more interesting if Yeon Hee didn’t somehow get into a hit-and-run accident. It would have provided opportunity for genuine exploration of how Min Ho convinces her to keep up the pretense and not mention what she heard. However, the hit and run accident shifts the direction of the story and Min Ho decides to take over the vehicle and use this as an opportunity for him to enter prison and get rid of Jeong Woo, since he has decided not to go for the final appeal.

This decision of Min Ho’s really didn’t make sense to me. Firstly, as the President of Chamyoung Group, him getting into such trouble would cause so much sensation and affect the company negatively, which would further reinforce the dad’s negative impression of him. We know Min Ho has good relations within the police force who may be able to keep this arrest under wraps, but the more important question is why Min Ho feels the need to go to the extent of becoming a prisoner just to kill Jeong Woo. Doesn’t he have other people in there who can help him, for example, the people who have been helping to drug Jeong Woo so that he keeps losing his memory? Also, what would he have done if Yeon Hee didn’t get into an accident? Was this a plan that just somehow came to his mind when he saw her get into the hit-and-run accident? It all seems like an extremely miscalculated step for Min Ho, who has thus far been shown to be rather shrewd and sharp.

I was disappointed we didn’t get to see the interrogation between Joon Hyuk and Min Ho and immediately skipped to Joon Hyuk putting Min Ho in prison. That interrogation would certainly have been interesting to watch, especially to see how he asked to be put in prison and how Joon Hyuk responded.

I’m looking to see how the show will deal with Min Ho and Jeong Woo in prison storyline subsequently, especially now that Jeong Woo has finally recovered his memory of what happened that night and confirmed that Min Ho was the one who killed Ji Soo. I like how the show has made it such that the appeal route is no longer viable, because Jeong Woo had arranged all the evidence in such a way that made it look like he was the one who killed his wife. This results in Jeong Woo having to resort to a more criminal route of having to break out of prison, which he has actually before. There’s lots of interesting, creative work in how this show constructs its storyline and I’m really enjoying how things are gradually pieced together from different time periods. I’m sure we’ll get to see more of his first attempt at breaking out and what happened then. It’d be a nice contrast to his second attempt now, which I’m sure will be thwarted by Min Ho to a great extent.

Now that Jeong Woo has almost pieced together everything, I’m sure we’re in for a reset of some kind, i.e. him losing his memories once again. I’m wondering though if he might decide this time to pretend that he has lost all his memories, just to throw all those who are against him off guard, and allow him to finally bring the truth to light. This would certainly be a more interesting story to tell than him really losing his memories again. Nonetheless, my sole concern now is to see how Min Ho’s character can ‘recover’ from this mis-step of entering prison and whether the show can convince us that it’s a meaningful move on his part.

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