Innocent Defendant Episode 5



Murder mysteries are not new and in fact rather common in the drama-verse. What’s refreshing about this show though is how it implicates our protagonist in the whole murder and keeps us wondering whether he is one who committed the murder. Of course, most of us would be inclined to think that Jeong Woo wasn’t the murderer, but honestly, I would find it an equally interesting story to tell if it turned out that he did murder his wife and daughter.

Right now, the strongest suspect would be Min Ho – even if he didn’t commit the murder, he certainly had a role to play in it. However, given how many surprises we’ve gotten so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if Min Ho wasn’t involved at all, because Min Ho might be ensuring that Jeong Woo continually loses his memory for the sake of self preservation to ensure that his fake identity as Seon Ho is not exposed.

We know that Joon Hyuk was there on the night of the murder between 12.30 a.m. to 1.30 a.m., which is reported at the time of death. He made a recording in the fish soft toy about 1 a.m. and left soon after. The impression we’re being given now is that he’s just trying to protect himself because it would be suspicious that he was there on the night at such a late timing. Nonetheless, it does seem a little too easy that he just removed a piece of evidence from a police office? Wouldn’t anyone have noticed that the soft toy fish disappeared since it had already been labelled as item 16? That seems a little slipshod on the part of the investigators, and on the part of the show. In fact, we haven’t been shown any concrete evidence why Jeong Woo was determined to be the culprit behind the murder, given also that he lost his memories regarding what happened. Given how the show shifts back and forth in its chronology so often, I’m sure we’ll see more of the investigation scenes in time to come.

This episode represented Jeong Woo slowly gaining greater grasp of reality and becoming who he previously was again. Even though Joon Hyuk tells him that the doorbell was spoilt, Jeong Woo remembers clearly that he did hear the doorbell. He starts exercising his sense of righteousness and sharp thinking to score points and get him ahead in prison. It was nice seeing him finally step out of his shell to help his fellow prison-mate, Seong Kyu. I thought it was already smart of him to know the best way for him to get the cigarettes, but was even more impressed when I saw how he outsmarted the warden and head of security by passing Chul Sik an empty cigarette box. I honestly didn’t see that coming and I can see him gradually gaining the respect of his fellow prison-mates.

As for Min Ho, I was starting to feel slightly more sympathetic for him after learning about his abusive dad and how distant Yeon Hee had become from him, refusing to even stay with him for a minute after he woke up. However, he then goes and crushes the young fencer’s hand to completely destroy his future, and orchestrates the death of Detective Ko, which makes him completely evil once again. Right now, all that he does is largely being portrayed as an act of self-preservation to prevent his murder of his brother from being revealed. I’m hoping to see more of how he makes use of this as a second chance to prove himself as someone capable and more importantly, someone worthy of love.

So what exactly does the clue of 16k mean? We know Ha Yeon weights 16 kg, but why would that be something important enough for Jeong Woo to note it down? How is that linked to the murder? Also, while we see Tae Soo crying, we don’t really get to see what’s inside the suitcase. It could be Ha Yeon’s body, or it also be something else (like a dummy or a set of weights that total 16 kg) which causes Tae Soo to despair as well because he wants certainty and closure over the whole case. I’m still believing that Ha Yeon’s alive, so my theory now is that it wasn’t Ha Yeon in the suitcase and that Jeong Woo might have deliberately put 16kg worth of weights inside to convince someone else that it was Ha Yeon inside.

Now that Detective Ko is dead – or in coma – we only have Eun Hye to rely on to find out what really happened. Detective Ko’s accident is confirmation for her that there’s more than meets the eye and that someone is keen on hiding what happened. It wouldn’t be too hard for her to trace back and find out where Detective Ko came from before the accident, so I’m sure it will only be a matter of a few episodes before she starts suspecting Min Ho – and then her life will be in danger as well.

It has been a thrilling ride so far, and I can’t wait to see where episode 6 takes us!

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