RDTK Episode 19: Doctors and Righteous People – Seo Jung & Nurse Oh


Last night’s episode was just so good that I have so much to say about it, hence I decided to do a second post on it, this time focusing on Seo Jung and Nurse Oh. Even though they weren’t the focus of episode 19, they nonetheless had very good moments!

Regarding Seo Jung, one of my complaints with the show is that it hasn’t adequately dealt with her PTSD and coping with it. This was even after she had mentioned to Dong Joo that she fears getting together with him because it brings back memories of the accident. Nonetheless, there were good moments in episode 19 for her. The first moment was when she got to work together with Master Kim again on a surgery and this time, Master Kim even finished his surgery fast enough so that he could allow her to complete the proximal suturing (hope I got the medical terminology right).

It was heartwarming to see her take lead, while Master Kim supported her in cutting. She has certainly earned the respect of Master Kim and she has come such a long way from the first few episodes where Master Kim made her an orderly and stopped her from doing any surgeries. You could really see the trust and pride in Master Kim’s eyes when she completed the procedure. It’s great to see Master Kim smile more and become more encouraging as the series progresses – it’s a sign of his growth too that he’s decided to open himself up to those under his charge, and care for them and encourage them.

The next memorable moment was definitely Seo Jung’s conversation with Dong Joo’s mum. Seo Hyun Jin really has such a sweet, radiant smile and her joy and delight is so overflowing when she talks to Dong Joo’s mum on the phone about side dishes and corn.

Loved it when she got so awkward and fumbled over how to call his mum – whether to call her omoni or Dong Joo’s omoni, and then later got so excited as she listed all her favourite dishes to his mum. I’m looking forward to Dong Joo and her meeting his mum in the final episode and them having a meal together.

It was great to see her supporting Dong Joo through his emotional roller coaster in this episode and she knows when she needs to step back, or when to step in. In front of patients, she never steps in and allows Dong Joo to take control, even if she has a differing view of what needs to be done, because she respects him. We get many shots in the episode of her looking on Dong Joo, and her concern for him is so evident as she looks on him so gently and lovingly. Yet she also knows that for Dong Joo, he needs to process things by himself and come to his own realisations, and giving him too much advice may be harmful instead.

Close to the end of the episode, when Dong Joo tells the guardian that the doctors at Doldam are the most sincere he’s ever met, he looks at Seo-jung and looks at him with a smile. She doesn’t need to say anything, because her facial expression conveys the respect and pride she feels for Dong Joo and his growth. I’m looking forward to more fun scenes between the two of them in the finale!

Another character I felt also had good moments in episode 19 was Nurse Oh. There’s a nice dynamic between her and Master Kim, where she’s always there to support him, but also unafraid to speak up against him. Master Kim asks her to join Dong Joo in the surgery after Dong Joo’s emotional meltdown about his dad and Nurse Kim willingly takes on the task. In fact, it almost seemed like she was going to volunteer for it even without Master Kim asking.

Later on, when the news of President Do taking credit for the surgery comes to light, Nurse Oh confronts Master Kim about it. Master Kim does not want to fight President Do, saying that he likes that he can now pursue his romantic ideals and not have to think about success after he changed his name. However, for Nurse Oh, the issue is not about being focused on success and not on patients, it’s about giving credit where credit is due. She’s speaking up not just on behalf of herself, but on behalf of the whole team at Doldam, which looks to Master Kim for leadership. She’s shown herself to be wise in  handling the dynamics at Doldam – in front of others, she stands behind Master Kim and supports him; however, in private, she serves as his ‘devil’s advocate’, questioning him off and even telling him off directly and forcefully when she feels he isn’t making a right decision.

One of the great things about RDTK is how it has a great ensemble of engaging and well-developed characters and I truly believe that is one of the key reasons for its success. I will certainly miss all these characters when the show ends!

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  1. gracesflowers
    gracesflowers January 11, 2017 / 7:47 pm

    Thank you for capturing in words all the subtle nuances of all these wonderful characters…this drama truly has an outstanding cast!!! Yes, they will be missed. However, we can dramathon this whenever we wish..Love!!!!

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