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You know something big is coming when all the truths keeps rolling out in each episode, such that almost all characters are on the same page.

At the end of episode 10, Sunny was still in the dark about Goblin and Reaper’s identity and had no clue about her past as Goblin’s sister. However, within the span of one episode, all these reveals come fast and furious – who can blame her for being so shaken?

Given how the show has previously treated the whole Goblin wife issue, I was expecting a more slow reveal, with Goblin taking his time to observe Sunny and get to know her before telling her the truth. However, in this case, Kim Shin goes straight to her immediately after Wang Yeo tells him that Sunny is the same person as the one in the painting. He wastes no time and even shows her the painting of her past self in the Goryeo era. This is a huge news for her, because she doesn’t even know if she believes in reincarnation. However, in spite of her beliefs, she starts feeling emotionally connected to Kim Shin, the painting, and what he tells her about what she liked in the past – ripe persimmon, flower shoes and silk. She tells him she doesn’t believe, but that he’s not to be disheartened.

From what we see about Sunny, she’s one who’s keen to protect herself from uncertainty, pain and tragedy. Even though she’s moved by Kim Shin’s words, she refuses to allow him into her life and still keeps him at a distance. This is similar to how she’s been treating Wang Yeo – if she can’t know who he is and his identity, she’d rather break up with him than continue in the relationship, in spite of her feelings for him. Where does this protectiveness come from? Why is she like this? It’d be great if the show could explore this further.

If this revelation is not big enough, she gets another shock, which is the truth about Wang Yeo being Grim Reaper. I really liked how she found this out on her own and not because Wang Yeo, Eun Tak or Goblin told her. As much as she’s fearful of the truth, she wants to know the truth. The scene is also beautifully played out – Wang Yeo may be quick enough to hide with his cap, but he can’t hide his affection for her and desire to be close to her. It is exactly his desire to be physically close to her that causes him to be revealed, because he stands within the range of the branch with flowers she’s holding. Yoo In-na really shone in this episode and she plays that mix of clarity, confusion and shock that Sunny feels so perfectly. You can literally see her facial expressions evolving as she processes all that she’s hearing, moving from shock, to clarity, to disbelief, to confusion, to sadness and ultimately a sense of loss. Just like Eun Tak mentioned, Sunny’s world has been completely overturned in one day and her beliefs have been challenged by what she sees and feels. She cannot reconcile what she feels with what she believes – she feels love for Reaper and a tinge of connection to Goblin, but all this makes no sense at all.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Eun Tak who is so comfortable with the supernatural world. She has always been so from the start, but what we start seeing more in this episode is her growing sense of rootedness in the human world as well. The Eun Tak we saw in the earlier episodes always seemed adrift in the world, but things have changed now that she’s grown up and graduated, and is closer to achieving her ambition. She’s also more rooted because she’s found a home where she belongs. Kim Shin decides to tell her the truth, that if she doesn’t pull the sword, death will keep coming to find her. While she acknowledges this as a tragic fate, she doesn’t mope for long. She immediately perks up the next day and tells Kim Shin, that even if I die tomorrow, I must live today well. Her passion for life and desire to live well was refreshing and even inspiring, though I would have appreciated her living life a little more carefully after Kim Shin’s warning. Her repeated mock-blowing of candles got tiresome after a while. I also wondered what in the world was going through her mind when she followed a stranger all the way to the top of a building, after Kim Shin’s warnings! It’s one thing to be unafraid of death, but another thing altogether to court death. Nonetheless, the one thing I liked about that was that she put herself in danger out of her selfless desire to help others.

Just as things are going well and Kim Shin saves her from yet another death, we get that shocker of an ending. In my previous review, I had mentioned that the show was getting a tad predictable and was looking forward to some surprises. Little did I know that the show has this in mind! My jaw literally dropped and heart stopped as I saw the reincarnation of Park Joong Woon float into the restaurant, with his ghastly expression, creaky fingers and blackened tongue. That was one scary ghost! Beyond the scares though, it’s so fitting and makes so much sense that he’d be a misplaced soul, because he has not fulfilled his purpose.

While we haven’t been told why Joong Woon’s ghost is still lingering, my theory is that his purpose is to torment Goblin further. Now that both Goblin’s wife and reincarnated sister have emerged, it’s the perfect time for him to appear to seek his revenge. Perhaps this is why Reaper’s memories are coming back too, as a way for him to repent and make the right decision this time to protect both Kim Shin and Kim Sun, instead of being swayed by Joong Woon. This development is exciting indeed and I can’t wait for the next episode!

Other thoughts:

  • Deok Hwa had such a brief appearance in this episode again. I’m missing him already. Let’s have more of him in the subsequent episodes!
  • Sam Shin continues to be mysterious, but right now, she instils more fear in me than love or warmth, which is strange given that she’s supposed to be the deity of birth and fate. That scene with her going into Eun Tak’s class to give her a hug creeped me out actually.
  • I’m loving that we keep getting more Goryeo scenes recently, which shed more light on the love shared between Kim Sun and the young king, Wang Yeo. I can foresee we’ll definitely be getting more Goryeo scenes and I’m welcoming them a lot.
  • Speaking of Goryeo scenes, that scene of Kim Shin looking into the future of the teacher and seeing Eun Tak, plus everyone holding on to handphones was hilarious! Loved it!

6 thoughts on “The Lonely and Shining Goblin Episode 11

  1. Rosalynn January 7, 2017 / 1:22 pm

    I love Goblin, love how it entrances me for hours on end, just watching every frame…..But you are right, it was getting predictable in its pacing. So, like you, that ending was a welcome burst of excitement (though a super horrifying one at 1am.. ..alone). Can’t wait for tonight!

    • heroonthebeach
      heroonthebeach January 7, 2017 / 2:29 pm

      Yes! It was horrific isn’t it! This show hasn’t had a villain yet.. not that it really needs one, but the entry of the ghost of the eunuch does give the story an additional boost and urgency!

  2. idastravels
    idastravels January 7, 2017 / 2:25 pm

    I agree with Sunny. If I met a man who wouldn’t reveal his real name, i’d let that guy go. I don’t even like people who don’t introduce themselves on the phone.

    • heroonthebeach
      heroonthebeach January 7, 2017 / 2:27 pm

      Haha.. actually while they are cute together, I am not really getting why they like each other? Unless it’s because of the historical connection that pulls them together?

      • idastravels
        idastravels January 7, 2017 / 2:30 pm

        Isn’t she desperate looking for a man? And he is quite good looking, very interested and, of course, magnetic.

      • heroonthebeach
        heroonthebeach January 7, 2017 / 2:39 pm

        That’s true! Can’t deny his magnetism…!

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