Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 12



The first fifteen minutes of this week’s episode felt like exactly the kind of thing the show should be doing at this point of time. It was dark, intense and creepy and we got the mythical world and the modern world combining to provide a real sense of threat. The setting of an abandoned hospital was indeed spooky and I loved seeing Sim Chung also fight back and threaten Dae Young with the warning that if he touched her, she would take away all of his memories. On that note, how long has it been since we’ve seen the feisty, strong Sim Chung that we saw in episodes 1 and 2? How is it that she’s been reduced in the recent episodes to being so vulnerable that she continually needs saving by Joon Jae?

I’m getting rather impatient with this show and may stop writing reviews until something significant actually happens. Yes, the episode was entertaining and it was adorable seeing Joon Jae respond to Sim Chung’s thoughts, but haven’t we been through this before? Didn’t Joon Jae kiss her in episode 9 after pouring out his heart to her? Even after he went to the sauna to bring her back and then save her from Dae Young, shouldn’t that already provide enough certainty to her that he loves her?

Also, I was under the impression that Sim Chung already knew that Joon Jae could read her thoughts and that’s why she made such directed comments in her thoughts at the end of episode 10 that she was a mermaid. Wouldn’t she have realised from seeing Joon Jae’s facial expression after that that he knew? I thought she already knew that he knew she was a mermaid, hence his protectiveness of her from water in the sauna – or did she not notice all that? I have to admit to being very confused here.

There seems to be some narrative back-tracking here and we’re not moving ahead in the relationship between Sim Chung and Joon Jae. Since Joon Jae already knows he’s connected to the past and that she’s a mermaid, shouldn’t he start talking to her about it, finding out more about her mermaid life and whether she too knows anything about Dam Ryung? The show needs to move forward and not keep relying on the cuteness between Min Ho and Ji-hyun to pull in the viewers and ratings.

[Woman in my Life: The first fifteen minutes were captivating and tense, but I wonder why it finished with the strong and foreboding Sim Chung muttering “I’m scared” and getting all fainty again. I think the show tries to draw out a theme every week, for instance that of friendship that I mentioned previously, and this week it was about appearance and truth. Keeping up appearances for Shi-ah and Joo Jin and waiting (im)patiently is a pain, and the pent-up truth will find release. This was contrasted with Joon Jae having access to the truth by being able to read her every thought, but not quite knowing what to do to it nor confess his feelings. The episode was cute but I do think a confession needs to be forthcoming next week for I am truthfully getting impatient.]

I’m still not getting why exactly we should care so much about the Soo-hee and Joon Jae’s father storyline. I get that she’s menacing and she’s going to cheat him of his money, but how does this affect Joon Jae and also the main storyline involving Sim Chung? Joon Jae is not intending to live on his father’s inheritance anyway and furthermore, his dad is not even a part of his life anymore. And it’s been 12 episodes and we still have no encounter between Joon Jae and his mum.

I’ll still be watching the show because it is entertaining, but I may stop writing for it for a while, until something significant happens.

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