Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 11 Preview: Exciting Developments!


I usually don’t blog about previews because they’re generally quite bland and sometimes can be quite deceiving, but this week’s LOBS preview had me really excited. Here it is:

3 reasons why I’m excited:

  1. I’ve been rooting for the longest time for the show to have a convincing villain and looking for the show to develop Dae Young’s character. Turns out Seo Hee is the true villain and Gil-joong (Joon Jae’s dad) was not her first victim – she’s poisoned two other spouses before. It’s always more exciting to watch when there’s a stronger sense of threat and danger and I’m glad that the modern day storyline is amping up it’s excitement factor.
  2. Sim Chung returns everything that Joon Jae buys for her. I’m glad that her affection for him is not just a blind devotion, but rooted in her belief that he’s fundamentally a good person that she can trust. I’m interested to see how Joon Jae will win her back. Besides his love for her, there’s now the added dimension of Dam Ryung’s instructions to him to protect her.
  3. The final point – and this is what fascinates me the most – is what Joon Jae says at the end, “Am I just entering the fairy tale? Or you are the one who comes to this world?”. This opens up some interesting possibilities beyond what I’ve speculated previously about fate repeating itself, but now there’s even the possibility of Joon Jae being the one who enters into another world. How did that happen? I recall in the first episode, we get a scene of Sim Chung swimming under the sea and picking up the bangle, before she next appears on land. Is there more to it than we previously imagined? Is it the bangle that causes Joon Jae to become a part of the fairy tale?

Can’t wait for the next episode!

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