Favourites of the week: 12-18 Dec


Wow, a lot happened this week in the kdrama-verse as all the dramas I’m following (RDTK, LOBS and Goblin) hit significant milestones – Dong Joo stood up against President Do’s threats and decided not to forge the death certificate, Joon Jae and Sim Chung find out the truth about each other and we realise Eun Tak is unable to pull out the sword from Kim Shin.

Here are my favourites of the week!

Favourite character growth moment –
Dong Joo in RDTK Ep 12 when he decides not to forge the death certificate

While I had some issues with the execution (explained further in my Ep12 review), it’s undeniable that Dong Joo has grown so much. It’s not just his final decision not to forge the death certificate, but from the very beginning of Private Park’s case where he stands firm against the army authorities and tells them the surgery needs to be done in Doldam. Later on, when facing the lady who calls him a murderer, he takes complete responsibility instead of blaming it on Geodae or those in power for forcing it upon him. This is miles ahead of the Dong Joo we saw earlier on, who blamed the world for everything. In the end, his final decision to stand firm to his values as a doctor, and give up more salary and career progression, is certainly worth celebrating. Probing deeper into the medical/legal issues in the episodes only made me admire Dong Joo even before as he was put in a very stressful position as a young doctor.

Favourite couple moment-
Joon Jae and Sim Chung finding out the truth in Legend of the Blue Sea, Ep 10

There’d be too many choices if I had to select for sweet couple moments this week, so I’ve decided to choose this scene because of its intensity and depth. While the focus has mostly been on Sim Chung hiding her mermaid identity, Joon Jae has also been lying about who he is by telling her he’s a civil servant. The tension mounts this week when they are at Jin-Joo’s home and Sim Chung senses throughout that something is amiss. When they come back, she asks suspiciously what was going on and then gives Joon Jae the most intense, angry stare yet from her. The fact that the truth was confronted through telepathy with them staring at each other made the scene even more powerful.

Favourite character dynamics –
Kim Shin and Reaper from Goblin

I know we’re supposed to be invested in the romances, but Goblin/Kim Shin and Reaper/Wang Yeo have such great chemistry together that every scene with them is a delight to watch. In this week’s episodes, they help each other heat up eggs or cool drinks, intrude on each other’s personal space, figure out smart-phones together and engage in butter-knife fights. They also have serious heartfelt discussions about God, death and fate as the both of them are really in the same boat, being mere servants to the deities and struggling in their love lives.

There’s a brotherly bond being developed as we see Wang Yeo’s concern for Goblin growing. When Goblin says he deserves to die, Reaper tells him confidently that there’s no life that deserves to die, and then jokes that there may be exceptions in an attempt to bring some cheer to Kim Shin. Later on, he opens up his arms to offer him a hug, which is charming in a sweet and awkward manner. When Eun Tak tells him of her decision to take out the sword, he responds with concern. I’m looking forward to the friendship between the two of them deepening and many more hilarious moments.

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