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There’s so much going on in the series I watch each week that often I find myself having thoughts that linger even after I write my reviews. Often time the thoughts that linger are due to great lines, great moments and great performances and I wanted to use a post like this to capture some of each week’s greatness.

The categories will differ from week to week, depending on what’s on offer, but this week’s post will look at my favourite line, favourite funny scene and favourite moving scene of the week.

Favourite Moving Scene – Goblin Episode 4 “Physics of Love” sequence, 57:07 till end 

It’s been a few days since the episode, but the whole sequence still lingers in my mind. Director Lee Eung-Bok certainly knows how to create the most poetic, stunning sequences and this has to be one of his best. I loved the soundtrack which really immersed us in the dreamy wistfulness of that scene. The lines of the poem were so meaningful and apt, and Gong Yoo’s reading of the lines is both melancholic and blissful, capturing perfectly the conflicting emotions he feels at finding the Goblin’s wife. The final line where he says she was his first love, while looking into her eyes, is such a wonderful mix of pathos and joy. After 900 years, his heart has been awakened, yet finding his love also means his mortality is finally coming to an end. Gong Yoo conveys so much through his eyes in this sequence, looking at her from afar then looking into her eyes. Goblin’s stoic, restrained expressions are such a contrast to Eun Tak’s child-like excitement and cheer, bouncing and running all around. Everything about that sequence is so perfect – I’ve watched it at least three times without it losing its emotional impact on me.

Favourite Funny Scene – Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 7, Jeong Hoon and Sim Chung make Joon Jae jealous, 47:48 to 49:43

There’s a lot of competition this week for this since RDTK, LOBS and Goblin all had their own laugh-out-loud moments, but for me, the scene that had me in stitches was the scene where Jeong Hoon and Shim Chung conspire to make Joon Jae jealous in episode 7.

The scene had me from the start when I saw Shim Chung’s over the top outfit and just got funnier from that point as Shim Chung and Jeong Hoon really overplay their flirting to an extreme, with Shim Chung seductively pulling her hair behind her neck and both of them going “click, click, click” to capture the memories while Shim Chung moves her large glasses up and down. Joon Jae’s reaction is hilarious too he literally wears his jealousy and surprise on his face, but he responds with frustration and irritation at them, looking upon it with disbelief. The whole situation was well crafted, building on an already very funny earlier sequence where Jeong Hoon and Shim Chung cry to collect pearls, but kudos to Jo Jung Suk, Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho for their perfect comedic expressions and timing. The wacky sound effects certainly helped too.

Favourite Line of the Week – Goblin Episode 4

We have two shows – RDTK and Goblin – both exploring very meaningful and complex issues pertaining to death. RDTK explores it from the more human, ethical dimensions and they did very well in Episode 8 by exploring the DNR issue through the elderly couple. Goblin looks at it from a more ‘afterlife’, eternity perspective, which I find meaningful due to my own beliefs.

My favourite line of the week comes Goblin again, when he meets the old man whom he saved when he was young. At the moment of his death, Goblin tells the man:

“I handed the sandwich to thousands of people. But it’s rare to see someone who progresses like you. Most people just stay in that moment of miracle and ask for one more. They say they know I’m there. It’s as if I owe them miracles. But you changed your life. That’s why I’ve always been rooting for you.”

I keep sensing that the show has some religious, and even Christian, overtones as many of the things mentioned about sin, miracles and protection somehow connect with sermons I’ve heard. However, that connection has not been overtly made, so I won’t draw too concrete a connection. Nonetheless, the line above resonated with me because it spoke to me about how many just rely on their gods and religion for miracles, for things to fall from the sky whereas what’s ultimately important is how we respond to the miracle and change our character and lives from that.

2 thoughts on “Favourites of the week: 5 – 11 Dec

  1. Sara December 12, 2016 / 5:37 pm

    Hi! I like your blog!

    1.Yesss that final scene in Goblin ep 4 was amazing. His acting is just overwhelming while he reads the poem. The whole show is a delight to watch so far.

    2.Legend of the blue sea hasn’t impressed me yet, I think it has to do with the main couple, I dont feel the emotions yet… Although that scene you review was hillarious and the previous one crying in the plastic bags had me roaring ;)))

    3. Goblin’s conversation with the boy from Paris seems very important to the narrative. Shin emphasizes that the boy sticking to writing the wrong answer in the exam (even though he knew it was wrong) was what gave meaning to his life because he exercised his free will and made his own choice out of honesty. Later that night he tells ET that she is his last bride bc he chooses it to be that way..

    • heroonthebeach
      heroonthebeach December 14, 2016 / 3:51 pm

      Thanks Sara for your dropping by and for your comments. You pointed out something interesting about point 3 too that I didn’t think about about choice! Thanks 🙂

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