My wife is having an affair this week: Finale


The series ends off on a happy note for most of our relationships and even for the forum users as some of their lives have moved on towards a positive trajectory. Yet, amidst the happiness of the ending, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction at the issues that were glossed over and swept under the carpet.

Yoon-ki and Ara’s relationship has generally been poorly handled and just as I saw a glimmer of hope in the previous episode, this episode blew it all to bits again. Once again, there’s such excess to their storyline – earlier on, it was too much philandering scenes and now, we have too much revenge scenes. Did we really need to get so many scenes of Yoon-ki’s pathetic state post-divorce, or so many scenes of violence from Ara? Instead of the revenge sequences, which were downright cruel, I would have rather had some proper conversations between Ara and Yoon-ki, or even Yoon-ki with Hyun Woo or Joon-Young, reflecting on his actions and his state now. Certainly reconciliation is not on the cards and would be unrealistic, but greater exploration of their emotional journey would certainly have been more meaningful.

And then we have Joon Young and Bo Young’s storyline, which has always been the spark of the series. The two of them are downright cute together and have such great chemistry. They have so many touching and humorous moments – squabbling over the baby’s name, Bo Young moving into Joon-Young’s place and seeing the most sweet little nursery set up by Joon Young. I loved the scene where Bo Young walks around the house and uncovers all the photos of himself that Joon Young has hidden throughout. The core of their relationship in this episode centres around the baby girl and how they’ll handle it; however, the finale fails to explore what this whole issue means for both of them as divorcees. Didn’t Bo Young mention in the previous episode that she was not ready for a relationship again? What happened then to let her believe she was ready? How about Joon Young – he has certainly fallen into his role as a daddy very quickly – isn’t that a very big step ahead? How does he know that he’s ready as both a husband and a daddy? To expect answers to these may be requesting for too much, but I was hoping these would at least be touched upon. Ultimately, the pregnancy seems to have come a way to push them together towards the end.

Saving the best for last, we have Hyun Woo and Soo Yeon. When we started off the episode with her typing in the forum, I was hoping we’d get some insights into how she had grown, rather than a summary of what we had already seen in the past 11 episodes. And that’s precisely what we get – we hear of how over-stretched she was, how the affair gave her an outlet, and how she’s been a bad wife to Hyun Woo. She ends with the realisation that she has been a selfish wife and that all along, her husband has been holding on to her. There’s no sense that she’s intending to do anything with that realisation. Even after she sees him with another woman, she doesn’t make an attempt to hold on to him, and instead, calls him and says they should stop being sorry for each other, and be happy in their own lives.

Her phone call leads Hyun Woo to the realisation that he’s been too focused on the past and what has happened. He now has found the courage to leave all that’s happened in the past and not care about the wife that’s cheated on him, because what’s most important is “her, it’s her”, emphasising the wife that he sees before himself right now. He expresses hope that she too can let go of the past “him”, the person who was “foolish and lame”. And we see him walking across the zebra crossing to reach out to her, symbolising his attempt once again not to let go of her. While I understand him letting go of the past, I don’t understand why he sees the need for her to forget the “foolish and lame” him, because he evidently displayed growth from the moment of realising about the affair until the decision to divorce. He certainly gives himself too little credit and I believe even Soo Yeon saw his growth. This has led me to realise that the series is ultimately not about how a couple handles with adultery, but really with how a husband handles it when his wife cheats on him, which is honestly a tad disappointing.

I still admire this show very much for its courage in tackling such a tough issue and exploring the darkest, toughest corners of it. It’s been a hard-hitting and raw journey from start to end, especially for Hyun Woo. There were many moments throughout where the show caused me to seriously reflect on my own marriage and how I would respond to a similar setting. This show has been powerful in all the forums and discussion boards as well, causing people to open up and share their very personal stories. Regardless of how I feel about the finale, the journey of watching this show has been an extremely enriching and unique one and I’ve really enjoyed all the discussions of it. Perhaps the ending is left deliberately open for us to continue that dialogue about what it will take for Hyun Woo to Soo Yeon to rebuild their marriage again. It will certainly be long journey ahead, requiring both of them to work at it.

As we end the series, I’d also like to thank all who’ve commented on my blog, either through comment boards or on the entries itself. I’ve enjoyed talking about the show and discussing our views about marriage. This is a topic I personally feel passionate about and this show was timely as I wanted to watch a drama that dealt with marriage and not just dating and romance. In that aspect, the show certainly exceeded my expectations as it took a very realistic look at marriage in such an engaging and creative manner. Big thanks to the cast and crew of the show for making this so enjoyable!

5 thoughts on “My wife is having an affair this week: Finale

  1. logan5 December 5, 2016 / 1:57 am

    First off … I found your blog from Dramabeans …

    I’ve been thinking about the ending … I’ve watched the Japanese Version, so I had a feeling we were in for a “Happy Ending” just wasn’t sure how.

    So here are my thoughts … for sure, SY got a bit of her own medicine, watching her ex husband eating with another woman and having a stranger’s banchan in his fridge. And I think for the very first time in the entire show, she actually realized just how much hurt she inflicted … granted it’s not even on the same level as infidelity, but there it is … the sudden pain of being “replaced” … having something that was yours being taken by someone else, and I’m sure it hurt. And I’m sure she knew right there and then, that she really didn’t deserve the reconciliation she was secretly harboring in her heart. And that’s when she finally did give him up. I’m glad it happened … I’m glad because really, up until now, she felt guilt, but never experienced the pain of the betrayal. In this, I think the Korean version hit it in spades.

    And my theory on the ending … after several re-watches and time to think it over .. is that the last scene didn’t happen “the day after” … I say that, because the son’s reaction to seeing the dad wasn’t one of surprise … but more of “Hey Dad” … as if this has been going on for a while … which makes the casualness of YS and HY meeting more understandable. Yes, they’re happy to see each other … perhaps they’re not ready yet to move back in together but they’re on that path.

    I would have loved to have seen that actual “Day After” encounter … perhaps she admits that seeing another woman in her place brought up jealousy which she knew she didn’t deserve to feel. And perhaps he tells her that he still loves her and if she’s waiting to fight, then he’s willing to fight too because while going back is impossible, they both know that there is love to be had in the future.

    • heroonthebeach
      heroonthebeach December 5, 2016 / 9:17 pm

      Hey Logan5… Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and it has also made me rethink my views on the finale. Your theory is very possible and does put their reconciliation journey in a more positive light. Agreed that I would have loved to see the day after encounter too.. I might be rewatching the finale again so as to better understand what the show is trying to do.

  2. ramon April 27, 2017 / 7:05 am

    Logan5’s comment was spot on. SY finally felt what it was like to face the probability that she could really lose her man to another woman. She knows now that her “lover” was never really hers at all. (He did “throw he under the bus” when explaining to his on wife. She could really wind up being totally alone if the husband really leaves her for someone else. Of course, in my own culture, the situation would have demanded a lot more violence on the husband’s part. Our legal system condones even killing the lovers outright.

  3. Kdramamaniac May 25, 2018 / 4:57 am

    Did they reconcile or not? Im going to watch episode 4 now🙂

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