K2 Episode 12 


K2 finally delivers an episode that packs a punch! That was a really, really good episode!

I’ve been thinking a little about why I am still following this show, given that I generally lack patience with TV shows. I realize it’s because the premise set out within the first two episodes involving a political power struggle intertwined with a mysterious family murder story was sufficiently engaging. The character dynamics were energetic and highly charged and there was so much going on beneath the surface that I was intrigued.

This episode comes a bit too late, but it hopefully points to a very satisfying ending for K2 and even a possible redemption storyline for Yoo Jin who is really the only character many of us care about now. I have to admit that I’d always believed that she definitely had a hand in Anna’s mother’s death and certainly this has been the show’s driving narrative. There has been no reason for us to doubt that given how vicious we’ve seen Yoo Jin to be and everything she says to Jang Se Joon. However, as we learn towards the end of this episode, that is certainly not the case.

I started to suspect something was amiss when we got that all too convenient back story scene of Yoo Jin murdering Anna’s mother which led me to believe the past couldn’t be that straightforward. Just as Je Ha told Anna, Yoo Jin wouldn’t dirty her hands like this and leave a trail behind. Turned out there’s more than meets the eye and Yoo Jin is trying to protect someone. While this is a fascinating turn of events, I really hope the writer has something well planned that will add greater dimension to the character dynamics and ultimately end the show with a bang.

For an episode of K2, this was a very plot heavy one with so much happening and deception at so many levels that it was exciting to watch. The scenes between Je Ha and Anna were brief but they certainly were more meaningful than most of their previous interactions as they finally pointed out potential tensions in their relationship when it comes to loyalties and truth. Yes, their relationship is not just body guard and protected, just as the make up artist mentioned, but it’s also more than just lovers. Because of the position they both hold within this political struggle, there is so much more at stake and I wish the show would just play that up more so that the love story doesn’t seem so divorced from what’s the main storyline of the show.

That ending – Wow! Yoo Jin had very thing planned all along aad it was satisfying to see the shocked looks from literally everyone. Well, except for Se Joon, who realizes he has been thrown under the bus. Well, about time anyway. That subtle smile that emerges on Yoo Jin’s face at the end is so perfectly executed. Song Yoon Ah really really puts on a masterful performance in this series that she has become the real star of the show for many. Perhaps this is the start of her breaking free from the clutches of Se Joon once and for all, but this certainly sets things up well for the next 4 episodes and for the first time, I can genuinely say I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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