K2 Episodes 7 to 9


Now that the show has toned down on its action sequences and fight scenes, the faults in its writing and structuring are becoming even more obvious.

One fault of the show is that it only seems to be able to tackle one storyline at a time. For a while we were focusing on Yoo Jin and Je Ha’s developing “relationship” and the storyline of Anna stalled. And now we’re focusing on Anna and the other storylines have just stalled, especially since we’ve seen so little of Je Soon in the past two episodes that I almost forgot the Presidential race was going on. The interactions between Yoo Jin and Je Ha have become so bland.

The second fault is that storylines don’t intertwine in a very intriguing manner. In fact, building one storyline seems to compromise the other. For example, the latest developments of the Anna storyline seem to make me wonder why there was so much need to keep her hidden in the first place. With her being so openly exposed on social media, surely it’d only be a matter of time that her relationship with Je Soon is exposed. Furthermore it makes Yoo Jin’s decision to bring her back to Korea seem like a really dumb one, for someone who’s been thus far shown to be very shrewd and sharp. Also, given that Je Soon persists in his philandering ways and almost every opportunity offered, what exactly would be so scandalous about exposing Anna? We still have little information about what happened to her mum beyond what we can actually deduce from the first episode.

We’re half way through the season and it seems like it has taken ages to get to where we are now. One can only hope that the storyline moves along more swiftly and the stakes are raised once again.

In the meantime, K2 remains enjoyable because of the hard work put in by the actors and their chemistry. I have to admit that Anna and Je Ha’s love story isn’t the most compelling as it seems to fall into the damsel in distress archetype; yet it’s still cute and heartwarming to watch because there’s so much chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Yoona.

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